my baes; my bikes


Blue 1980s Schwinn Stingray [?] (Parentage unknown)

-My first love, taught me how to ride

-Purchased from a cute used store in Helena, Montana

-Sees nothing wrong with Canadian tuxedos

-Love reading the dictionary and knows more words than he can pronounce

-Always attempts parkour when drunk

-Offered to the next cohort of Conservation Corpsmembers when I moved back home

-Favorite philosopher is Ludwig Wittgenstein


Purple 1990s Mt. Fury Roadmaster

-Purchased off Craigslist and delivered to the safe meeting place of my then-workplace

-Was listed as my girlfriend on Facebook for a while

-Has to roll up in a blanket burrito at night or she sleepwalks

-Has difficulty controlling her vocal volume when excited

-Uses her working class background to win arguments about socialism

-Wheels stolen by bike vandals and abandoned, sorry & R.I.P. baby

-Favorite philosopher is Charles Peirce


Yellow 1970s Schwinn Varsity

-My current boo, gets lots of compliments

-Purchased for $15 at a used bike sale in a bike shop/coffee shop on May 6, 2017

-Bi but #foreveralone; everyone assumes someone else loves her

-Inadvertently mouths the lyrics whenever she hears a song she knows

-Loves things sincerely and ironically at the same time

-Two years, baby!

-Favorite philosopher is Eric Fromm